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Last updated on February 23, 1999.

Name Sayak Mukhopadhyay
Date of Birth January 4, 1973
Visa Status H1B; current one valid till January 2001
Education Bachelor of Technology (BS equivalent) in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, in 1995 with a GPA of 8.96/10.
(914) 761-4257
Skills I have worked on Unix and Windows platforms, developing products ranging from Optimizing Compilers to Graphics modeling tools. For the past 2+ years, my professional work has dealt exclusively with object-oriented design and development using C++. The desire to publish my travel-writing and photography led me to delve into internet technology, leading to the development of my website (; though this site hosts only static content, while reading Philip Greenspun's book on Web Publishing, I got interested in the architecture of dynamic and database-backed websites.
Professional Career After graduating in July 1995, I joined IBM India as Software Engineer, where I worked till September 1998. The last 21 months at IBM were spent on a T.J.Watson Research Center project, towards the end of which I was working at the IBM lab at Yorktown Heights, NY. After that, I joined Mobius Management Systems, Rye, NY. Brief descriptions of significant products/projects I have worked on follow.

Document Management

Since September 1998

Mobius Management Systems develops products for archival and retrieval of massive amounts of documents. I am a member of a team developing server-side software running on Windows. I am getting experience with the database technology involved in indexing large volumes of documents, while continuing to debug, develop, and design object-oriented code.

Compiler Development

From January 1997 to September 1998

I worked on a IBM research project that was developing an optimizing compiler to recognize opportunities for parallel execution in serial code (written in C, Fortran, etc), and generate efficient parallel code for execution on an experimental parallel architecture.

My responsibility was the implementation of automatic Parallelization of recursive routines and Array privatization optimizations. Successful performance of these optimizations depended on sophisticated Symbolic anaylsis, which I partly implemented.

Production quality compilers (particularly optimizing compilers) are vastly complicated pieces of software; this one was being collaboratively developed across a number of widely-separated sites - we were able to exploit the modularity of object-oriented development to utilize and integrate each others' work.

Previous to the work at IBM, I had experience in parsing (using Lex and Yacc) and code-generation from thesis work at school.

Porting a Graphics Engine

Before January 1997

Before the compilers project, at IBM, I worked on porting the graphics module of Architecture & Engineering Series, a modeling product, from AIX to Windows NT. This involved, among other things, porting XWindows calls and dealing with issues arising out of differences in memory layout across the two platforms.

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